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Show Us Your Cage!


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Wow another room, how many more rooms are we gonna have, I noticed the african grey room is now the grey lounge, nice name change, guess we will find out about the other changes won't we.


Guess I will have to dig up my cage picture or take new ones.

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she wrote:

Hear is Charlies and Crackers aviary

Did you build that yourself? If so, how did you get the plans to build it? I've been looking into building an aviary in the backyard for my FIDs, but don't really know where to start with the planning process OR materials.


As for cages, here is my current setup. (This is the bird room.) First is Mischief's home, then my Amazon and Alexandrian. My dove has a seperate flight cage (no pic).


cage01.jpgcage02.jpg<br><br>Post edited by: djzenjen, at: 2009/06/22 00:37

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Dave I just have to ask....did you get that pic from somewhere or did you just happen to have a complete miniature prison cell set complete with inmate? If it's yours then I think we'd be interested to know of any other hobbies you have. Ha ha ha!!


J/k Dave you know we luv ya!

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