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Chickens for Education


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I have about 9 chickens that are all extremely tame and healthy. I though about taking them into a classroom to show children the importance of chickens today and so on.


I emailed a few teachers at a nearby school and I didn't expect them to reply with yes!


I need a lesson plan. I can't do the incubator with eggs and wait until they hatch because this will be a small lesson with 1 week old chicks and 2 full grown chickens.


Ideas! I have the life cycle, egg production, interesting facts, importance and thats all!


:blink: Any ideas?

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A few ideas (depending on the ages of the children you'll be talking to):


~ Discuss what free-range means and why it is better for the chickens (without being preachy...which I would find difficult :laugh: )


~ Have them guess how many countries in the world use chicken as a source of protein (I'm guessing all but you'd probably know for sure!)


~ How many varieties there are of chickens (I've seen a ton of cool ones at the State Fair!)


~ Why some eggs are brown and some are white...and if it matters



That's all I can think of right now...


Good luck!



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I did that as a lesson. We did the incubators. Showed the daycare the responsibility of turning them over. We candled them.They learned birth of hatching, some didnt hatch,they learned death of one, feeding them.The parents loved it!Kept them until they grew their black and white feathers. Great learning experence!

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I remember in kindergarden my teachers would bring in 15 eggs, chickens, geese, and ducks. We would incubate them and they would hold a flashlight to the egg and show us the babies inside the eggs. We would watch them hatch, and we would keep them for about a month.


My family was close to the teachers, so we would get to take the geese and chicks home on the weekends. The geese were always my favorite, they were gaurd dogs all the way:blink:


After this is all done, the teachers would take the babies back to the farm we got the eggs from.

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Thank you everyone!


Well, taken into consideration of all the great ideas you all have given, it's coming along well enough.


I'll first have everyone sit in a big circle. Ask them a few questions about chickens, like the classic question about which came first; egg or chicken. That will give them a chance to think.


Then bring out Rocky (rooster which is a bantam cochin barred rock) and Tequila (although her new name for the children will be Lulu).


I'll talk about why different chickens lay different sized eggs, the colors of the eggs, diet, predators, life cycle, free-range vs. most commercial chickens (very briefly), why they can't fly, where their "stomach" is, etc.


Any other ideas?

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I think this is a terrific thing you are doing!!


We keep a couple of hens around for the eggs - yard eggs are by far tastier and than store eggs.


One thing that came to mind if you had time to fit it in might be to touch on the other things chickens are used for besides being a food source.


I live in the South, on the Gulf Coast, and chickens are used as sentinels for mosquito borne diseases that affect humans and livestock.


They are also much smarter than people usually give them credit for being - we had one that would jump - not fly - but jump straight up about 2 ft off the ground to take a treat out of our hand.



Let us know how your presentation goes, maybe take some pics and share! :)




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