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I like newspaper also for lining bird cages.

But since you asked about "best product" - did you mean what product to use to clean a bottom grate?  You can dry scrape caked on poop with a flatware knife (purchase one from a thrift store bin -- don't use your own good flatware!) and then wipe grate with paper towels (I always keep a spray bottle of water to dampen my grate as needed).  You can also layer damp paper towels on grate for 10 minutes or so to 'soak' the poop crud for easier removal.  But the best way to clean a grate is to use a steamer to soften poop crud to remove it.  I always avoided regular all purpose cleaners because parrots beak everything and I wanted to avoid any chemical residue.  If germs are your main concern, use steam or white vinegar to clean your grate.  Obviously these methods also work on cage sides/top bars as well.  I never worried about germs, I just wanted to get the poop off.    

My black cage always looked awful -- poop and dust showed horribly!  My white cages always looked the best between cleanings.  

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