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I haven't been on in a few months!   Starting in June our renter decided to move out from a 1.5 year residency and what a disaster!  Broke windows, burned holes in the wood floors, let a kid draw on every wall in the house except three of the bedrooms.   That kid also broke every blind it could reach.  They tore stuff up outside including trashing our window screens, pulling the ground cord off the house.  This idiot had the gall to want his deposit back too!  I told him to take it to court and let's see if I don't get awarded a few thousand more to cover the cost above the deposit.   Haven't heard from the idiot since.   So that was June, we spent a ton of time at that house in Allen which is over an hour.   We really scrambled trying to get it ready for the new tenants that wanted in by Jun 27.  We got them in and I was still working on that weekend of July 1st fixing more stuff.   Then the weekend of July 8/9, wife said we need to go have some fun.   That means driving her around to little towns where she can see the city squares and poke around in the stores.   Do a little disc golf too if we find a course nearby.

And then, a day that will live in infamy, at least for me and my colleagues:    July 10, 2023.  I work for the largest PBM (pharmacy benefits manager, you can probably look it up and get a good guess what company that is) and we handle TONS of pharmacy claims, benefits queries, drug lookups, basically anything that gets run from your doctor or pharmacist, or health plan vendor and if your health plan is managed by our PBM, it will come into the systems that my team manages.  Our production systems run on HP Nonstop systems.   HP Nonstops are some of the most highly redundant system in the world.  They are designed to run for years and years without stopping, crashing etc.  IF, and that's a big IF, they are set up correctly.  Everything is redundant on HP Nonstop systems, network cards, processors, application processes all have backup processes, these backup elements don't even have to be on the same machine running in the same local area.  They can be across the world, in our case Arizona and Rhode Island.  On July 10th, our main production system blinked.  Half the dang IT company was pulled onto the bridge along with execs that never know what the hell is going on.   We tried recovering this system to no avail and at 3pm CT, the decision was made to move production over to the mated system, in the same data center.   I did not leave my chair for the next 40 hours straight.  My wife was bringing me food and taking care of all the animals.   At 40 hours I told the bridge I needed a small nap because I was getting delirious.   So we paused for 30m and back at it for another 24 hours.   It took us two weeks to get 100% recovered.   We had doctors and pharmacists back online the evening of the first day but that was just the first of many battles.    Ever since Jul10 it has been a shit show here.    The execs of this company who never even knew what our systems do all of a sudden have a huge vested interest in anything and everything our team does.   We made the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, trended on twatter and there is a huge discussion thread about the event on Reddit.   We made the news but not in a good way!


Anyhow, it's been just over two months since that event and I'm just now getting my personal life back.  So we might be posting a little more.   In the mean time, please enjoy a glamour shot of the Huey.   Remember, Huey LOVES the ladies.   Don't all swoon over him at once.





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My gosh! I am exhausted just reading all you went thru.,....I cant imagine 40 hours of working like that!  So glad you survived it & I hope you get your life back!!  


My 3 girls would be in love if that saw that Huey profile.....:)   Better not show them...LOL


Glad to hear from you..its quiet here, but there's a handful of us that still come & check in!  

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So happy to see  that you're back! Life certainly throws some mucky curve balls from time to time. And yours take the cake!

Thank you for posting such a handsome picture of Huey! We need our fixings around here!

I just moved into a new home this past week. Getting our other house ready for sale, so we haven't even packed much of anything. Thirty four years of 'stuff' is a lot to go through and pack. Can't wait to have some down time. We did get our aviary set up, which my son's ducks are enjoying for now until he has time to build them another Quack House.

Again, so happy to see that you're back!

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