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Alfie's big adventure!


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On Sunday Alfie and I went on a bit of an adventure!
We went to a parrot/owner meetup in aid of the World Parrot Trust. It was just under a 2 hour drive each way and it's the first time I've done something like this with him as well as the furthest I've taken him in the car. There were loads of people (and their parrots) and I wasn't sure how he would take to it. His travel cage is heavy and bulky so I bought a trolley to pull him along in. He was a bit worried when we were moving around but settled really well when we stopped. Loads of people came up to say hello to him and give him some attention. He was a little wary of some people but pretty calm about the whole thing overall. I really enjoyed the day too and I think I'll see if there are other events I can take him to in the future, now that I know he won't completely freak out about it. 






Free flight macaws- this was fascinating to watch! 



The house/location we were at- the event was all outside on the grounds and thankfully the weather (mostly) held out!


This was as the day was winding down- there were lots more people and birds than this there!

 Alfie's new wheels!



This blue and gold macaw is Rio and he took a liking to all the ladies. He landed on me a few times - I was holding a hot chocolate drink that he tried to steal. The next time he landed on me I moved the hot chocolate out of reach so he grabbed my thumb in annoyance. He landed on my back at one point and played with my hair. Then he landed on my arm again later and pinched me a few times. It reminded me of why I don't have nor want a macaw- the strength in their beaks is unreal. He was relatively gentle but it still left bruises!

All in all it was a great day out and I was super proud of how well Alfie coped, especially seeing as he's never done anything like this before. He had so much to deal with - the car journey, a new location, his new wheels that we've never used before, so many people and parrots and a few dogs around. Some loud music at times. He took it all in his stride and didn't freak out or panic at all. We were both super tired when we got home!

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What fun! There is nothing like that within driving distance for me (that I'm aware of). Alfie seemed to be doing well. Timber panics if I take him out on the enclosed porch. I'm glad he did well and that you enjoyed it. I have to say, after my bites from AG's, the beak size on a macaw or a cockatoo are not something I would be ready to deal with either. Thanks for the pics and video, I enjoyed them :)

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1 hour ago, Timbersmom said:

Sounds like Alfie wants to be a macaw when he grows up ;) At least he didn't seem to have a bad reaction at home to the outing? Timber would have "weirded out" for at least a week. He is very change resistant.

Haha oh I do hope not! 

No he was absolutely fine. He was understandably tired when we got home (as was I!) and had a big dinner and lots to drink and he hadn't had much during the day. But he was absolutely fine the next day and up to his normal levels of mischief! 

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On 8/18/2023 at 3:38 AM, neoow said:

The only downside to taking him to the event last weekend...?

He's been practicing what sounds an awful lot like some macaw noises/screeches.... 🤣

Thats ok, Sukei has started barking. :) What a cool place, nothing like that around here either.

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Alfie previously learned to yap like the neighbours dog- and also learned the whistle that the neighbours did to call the dog in.
He does meow at the cats but it's a bit of a sarcastic impression of a meow!

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