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Warm & Comfortable bedding


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Hi all! We're new bird owners to Lulu, our 5 month old. She seems to get cold at night, but we're not completely sure. I just know her feet are kinda cold when I wake her up in the mornings. I've been putting a comforter and cage cover on top of that to keep her warmer and that seems to be working. But wanted to get her something that's more comforting bc when she gets tired, she'll cuddle her way into our shirts, hoodies or blankets. We bought her something from Amazon, but found out it's too small, so I'm going to return it. I thought about getting her a bigger one, but not even sure if she'll go for the bigger one. Does anyone have any experience with comforting or warming up your babies? I'll attach a photo of what we ordered. TIA! 


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I always view any kind of tunnel/bedding like a nest -- I discourage that (although yours is too young to be broody). 

If you are comfortable, your grey should be comfy also. They literally have a down blanket built-in that they can fluff-up!

I truly believe parrots have a more difficult time with high temps than lows. 



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On 11/16/2021 at 3:37 AM, neoow said:

I wouldn't recommend the fluffy huts- too many stories of birds picking at the hems/fabric and ingesting it. I wouldn't want to risk it personally.


I've heard horror stories about birds getting impacted from picking at the fleece too.  I wouldn't recommend one.  If you're really worried, there are electric perches that give off a little bit of ambient heat.  I have a friend who keeps her place plenty warm, but her cockatoo likes to cuddle up to the heater at night anyway.  She has it installed on the cage side that's up against the wall so Angel can't chew on the cord.

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