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Salsa's Musical Interpretations


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Hi everyone, Maggie here....Amazons are known for being great singers. There are numerous videos of hilarious and precious episodes of Amazons singing specific songs....some quite well and clearly understood.😄 Our Salsa loves to sing....however, repeating original songs is not her thing. She creates her own musical numbers and has one for different occasions.   She has a certain song she sings when she is preparing for a nap or bedtime. She has a specific number for times when she is happy. and one for morning revelry and sundown. But, it is her interpretations of different music that we play that brings out her creative bent...depending on the song, she will sing in her own harmony or her standard song that she sings whenever she hears music, whether it is a music channel or movie...LOL....What does YOUR Amazon sing?

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Snickers can do some amazing whistling (beginning part of Bridge Over River Kwai troop whistling) but alas, no singing.

I can even remember my cockatiel "making up" his own whistle songs (he didn't really have an 'ear' for it, honestly).  But he would whistle while standing on only one foot, with his other foot held dramatically up in the air like a hand, like "wait for it -- here comes the good part!"

Um, no 'good part' ever came -- but at least he tried to be creative.  ;) 

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Alfie loves to whistle. He's not a singer. (Not an amazon either, but figured I'd join in the conversation anyway!)

He will copy whistles but does enjoy to make up his own tunes. He's never really learned to whistle any actual songs/tunes - despite my best efforts.

He does do a good spaghetti western whistle (the good the bad and the ugly) though.

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