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Photos of Alfie


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43 minutes ago, Greytness said:

Alfie's adorbs! Although he looks like he's throwing in some grey shade in that one second up from the bottom!

He was- I was trying to convince him to go in his travel cage so he could see the new aviary for the first time. He wasn't having any of it!! 😂

I had a lovely break away but I was glad to get home this evening. Alfie enjoyed lots of head scratches!


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My housemate very kindly looked after Alfie whilst I was away for the week. Although he wouldn't let Alfie out of the cage (which I totally understand as he's still a little wary of Alfie and would probably have difficultly getting him back in the cage) I was safe in the knowledge that Alfie was being looked after in a familiar environment by a familiar person instead of having to find him somewhere to reside for a week whilst I was away. Made it a lot easier for everyone!

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