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Some of the Fids who we shared our home with.


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Thank you! The CAG was Spock and the two sun conures we raised. I was trained to be a "Certified Avian Specialist". In the archives, you can find many posts about our FIDs and rescues. In the younger years, we helped others and then, in the 70's, we added parrots to our list. We bred Cockatiels and at one time, we had over 40 plus our other fids. We only sold 5 birds over all those years....we gave 30 cockatiels to a young lady to open a pet store in Las Vegas. We took in or rescued mentally or physically abused parrots, help them to heal, and then rehome them for no charge other than bird food and supplies.

Some birds stayed with us a short time, others for years. For food and supplies, we would take in problem birds and do our best to re-train them and their parronts. We did this up until around 2011(?) when Jay got too ill. We have hundreds of photos....we will post more as time goes on.....Hope you enjoy them. Jayd and Maggie

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