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These nuts


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This is a super cute video.  Before this was taken,  Huey was helping himself to GreycieMae's nut, literally taking it right from her talon.   She would look at him incredulously, then pick up another nut and before long Huey would reach over and take that one too.  That's what I intended to get avideo of. But by the time I got the camera,  GraycieMae had about enough of Huey's one-sided sharing.


And here that are just chowing down a little later


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1 hour ago, Greytness said:

Very cute! As I recall  Gracie Mae isn't a talker; was wondering if Huey has any language skills. 

Oh you had to ask didn't you!  Here's a sampling of his talking, he tends to only talk in private, private meaning on the other side of the wall in the kitchen.  His favorite spot is in the kitchen, especially with someone cooking there xD



F*#!    (former owners two teenage sons taught him this along with the next one)


"Get me the hell out of here"


"Hello?" (always after the phone rings)

"Huey's a good bird"

And apparently a lot more that we haven't heard yet.


And this one is funny:   Wife and I were having one of our usual fights - loud talking, talking over each other, lots of tension and Huey belted out:


Not only did it stop the fight that was going on because we could not believe what he just said, but since he said it in perfect context we felt bad that we were stressing him out.  So the fight stopped immediately.   Wife took him to the bedroom and babied him as if he had told me to shut up and stop it and I promptly got on messenger and asked the owner if what I heard was actually what I heard because it was so unbelievable.    The owner confirmed that Huey doesn't like fighting and will say exactly what we heard.    


He's not the most prolific talker and he doesn't talk very often but we get a real kick out of it because he's the only talker now out of 6 birds.   However he is not a cuddly bird and will bite the living daylights out of you if you make a wrong move - something my cuddlebugs GreycieMae will never do.


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OH, that's great! It's a blast having birds that say stuff. And you just never know what's going to come out of a grey's beak next!

Maalik talks all the time. He does say things in context, but mostly he just like to sit there and go through his repertoire of words, clicks, pops and whistles. Between him and my 2 macaws, especially Dexter, our newest one, somebirdy is always saying something!

One of these days I'm going to have to figure out how to upload my phone videos up to the forum.


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9 minutes ago, Greytness said:

One of these days I'm going to have to figure out how to upload my phone videos up to the forum.


Not sure what's going on with the forum and videos.   I upload to youtube and then paste the link in my post.   The forum automagically embeds the youtube video.  Works great.


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