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Can't edit profile/change avatar


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Not urgent by any means but just thought I'd report that I was unable to edit my own profile to change my avatar yesterday. I stupidly didn't note the error received but it just seemed like I didn't have permission to do it.

Was just poking around looking at new features when I saw it so thought I'd update Alfie's photo with a better one. I'm in no rush to change it though and I may be the only one with the issue so this is definitely not a major issue!

I'll try it again later when I get home from work and will grab the error if I'm still having issues with it. :)

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Oooh maybe something has already changed. I was able to get access to my profile on my mobile and update my cover photo.

I will test properly later today. Perhaps I should have tried it again before posting! Apologies!

I will test on PC and mobile this evening to see what I can access and change on my profile. Might have been a temporary blip last night. :)

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