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I met Isaac and his Dad!


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What a pleasure to have had the opportunity to meet one of our Grey Forum family members last night! Isaac is such a little sweetheart and his doting Parront thoroughly spoils him in the best way possible! :-)


Isaac loves to imitate the smoke detector and microwave sounds. Such a little cutie!

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Glad to see the networking through forum members. For everyone who has been reading about Isaac and Stephen's time together it is a blessing to find someone else willing to get to know Isaac and help care for him during brief times when Stephen can bear to be apart from his boi. Love it.

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Yes thank you for coming over to see my little guy!


Isaac was his regular shy self...making his one coo-ing noise and a couple others. He did let out a quick laugh, but you'd never guess he was the crazy little bird that he really is. He was surprised to see that others wanted to be involved with him and handle him. I think he thoroughly loved all the attention. I could tell by the way he was just perched close to us just watching us for a bit. It was great to see him curious.


We'll have to get pics next time. I'll be in touch soon for sure. If you want to come see him any time, just let me know too.

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We'd love to come see him again! It would probably be a great idea to have us over a few times before you actually take your trip.


No, there weren't any pics taken, but the meet and greet actually did take place. Promise!


We will definitely meet up again. This week has been really busy for me, but I will get in touch with you soon by phone to come see him again. I'll try to have some snacks or something to be more welcoming too. I am sure he will grow on you guys pretty quick. I will call. Thank you again so much!!!

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