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Paris is my 3 year old budgie. I adopted him from someone off Craigslist in November of last year. I adopted him because my other budgie's friend had passed away, and was lonely. They became very good friends, but my other budgie passed away in February. He is a single budgie now (although I'm keeping my eyes out for another single budgie needing a home), but he has befriended my conure, Peatree. They enjoy spending supervised time together. :o Paris doesn't really like me, but he will step up and sit with me. He is a cutie!







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Wow! Looks super pretty! I like parrots so much, I am sure that this is the most beautiful birds that I have ever seen. My mum bought me one on my birthday, and I was so thankful for it! I started to read pet blogs to find more info about parrots and luckily found this blog where is offered useful info for bird owners. Check here and u will find topics not only about birds. There is content about all pets, like dogs, cats, and fish! These guys work hard for this blog and I appreciate this. So if u have free time, try to spend time on this blog because I am sure u will find smth interesting for yourself!

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