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POLL - Does your Grey Talk ?


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Nikko talks...or at least she used to. She used to be a huge chatterbox, but now only really talks if she is trying to get people back in the room, or if she feels she is being ignored. The only things she is now guaranteed to say everyday is Good Morning (when she wants uncovered), Good Night (when she wants to go to bed) and Hello (when she is alone in the room and wants someone to come get her).


The other day, my mom, dad, me, and my dog were on the front porch to visit with our neighbor and her new puppy. Nikko could hear us out there and was upset that she wasn't with us, so she was chattering up a storm trying to get our attention. She hadn't talked that much in a long time.


Don't know the age she started talking though. I adopted her when she was 4, and she already was chatty.

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Corey is I believe 12 and I have no idea when he started talking. Since I adopted him only a few months ago. But he has quite a vocabulary,as well as arsenal of laser sounds. He was listening to the rain the other night hit the ac outside and started clicking . Wich I gues is what he was hearing at the time. He picks things up rather quickly.

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Teko talks up a storm. He just turned two and says approximately 50 words, 30 sounds, and counts to 7. He also whistles the Bridge Over the River Kwai and sings Happy Birthday and part of Frank Sinatra's Ant & Rubbertree Plant...with a dance! He also knows word association...for instance, if I say what's a dog say, he barks. He has also learned to ask and answer himself...so he will say, "What's a dog? and he will bark"...and he says "What's a wolf?" and he will make the wolf sound. In the morning, he says "Good Morning. Where ya at? Going to work? Be good, I'll be right back, I love you. Oh boy!

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Yep, sorry I guess I should have clarified that, it is the current age and if they talk or not. B)


Thanks for bring that up Mark!!


All- Please ensure that on top of the wonder information your posting that you go to the poll link and vote!! Thanks.


Once their in, I can save the image and show it here on the Forum. Then we'll have our on mini-poll and can get a percentage on this that will at least be somewhat or close to actual data that is correct. :-)

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Guest briansmum

great poll, very interesting.


brian's said hello and what you doing? a couple of times since he was 5 months. but now at 9 months he says "give us a kiss...mwah!" all the time, his first sentence! :woohoo:

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Poll Results so far:



Does Your Grey Talk?



Yes - 0-6 Months---11%---4

No - 0-6 Months----20%---7

Yes - 7-11 Months--11%---4

No - 7-11 Months---11%---4

Yes - 1-2 Years-----23%---8

No - 1-2 Years------0%----0

Yes - 3-5 Years-----11%---4

No - 3-5 Years------0%----0

Yes - 5-10 Years----11%---4

No - 5-10 Years-----0%----0


35 votes total

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