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Found bird - Fitchburg, MA

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This all brings a lot of good emotion for me. I see two families affected and clearly both are apprehensive but the thing that shines clear is both are looking out for Pip/Larry's best interest and care. What a wonderful thing for the little girl is she has learned that good people are in this world and she is cherished by many. All of us change and evolve day by day including this little grey. Who knows, you may have a blended family and all of you hit it off so well that you share this wonderful little bird. I can't recall if she is a Congo or a Timneh. I would love to know so I can better anticpate and "picture" this reunion. There is no telling what our future holds, love the ones you're with and open your heart to all the other wonderful people we have yet to meet. I am looking forward to the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say. I have my tissues handy, something tells me there are going to be a LOT of happy tears from everyone involved, both there and on our forum. Bless you all.

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I think the original owner should be given a proposition of letting you keep Pip/larry. I had once fostered a Cockatoo and it became so much integrated in our family. Everyone enjoyed it's company. Then 2 years later the original owner came back and asked for it. I proposed to him that we are so attached to this bird and that he consider letting us keep it. And luckily he did.

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