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I Love You!


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She finally said it! Whisper has said I love you several times in the last couple of days. I could not understand why she was holding out on me since she says just about everything else I repeat with any frequency.


Isn't is sweet?

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I know that feeling so well I remember the first time Tyco actualy said mom ilove you I melted it almost brought tears to my eyes. She doesn't say it very often but when she does it means alot. Gizmo my Severe Macaw says kiss kiss I love you every night when I put him to bed he's so sweet that bird he says please when he wants something and thankyou everytime I give him something and if I say thank you for him letting me kiss him or give him a little scritch he says your welcome he knows his manners very well and uses them appropriatly iys so nice to have such a polite little birdy around mabie he will teach my other birds.:laugh:

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That is wonderful, I too have been saying it to mine for oh, about a year now and no response! All Bingo will say at night is "nighty night". I'm still waiting - you know most men take longer to say things like that than most women. LOL

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