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Baby Questions!


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Hello all! Just as I promised, I have a bunch of questions for you. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


1. When I bring the baby home (in a couple months), should I let him come to me when I put my hand in the cage or should I go to pick him up?


2. What are your opinions on clipping their wings?


3. I've read lots about bathing them. Do I do this daily, even when he is a baby?


4. I've also read that lots of people can take their greys with them when they go on short trips. How early in the bird's life would this be possible/ recommended?


5. I have a parrotlet, Sprite, whose cage is currently on my dresser in my bedroom. Can I put the cage with the baby in the same room, in front of my window? The only other option right now really is to put it in the family room beside the kitchen - however I hear that the fumes cause problems. Any suggestions?

I will be moving about 6 months after I get the baby at which point there will be plenty of room for his cage as well as Sprites.


That's all for now. Thanks again in advance!



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As a new baby he should be more receptive to letting you put your hand into the cage for him to step up on or you can leave the door open and allow him to come out on his own.


You will find that a lot of us do not like the idea of clipping the wings, they are meant to fly and if you can manage to allow them free flight then they will be happier for it.


Bathing is essential, it moistens the skin, gets rid of the dander and helps with preening themselves, we recommend at least twice a week whether they like it or not.


Yes please do take your grey with you when you can, I take my Josey to work with me sometimes and when I go out of state to visit my son she goes along in her travel cage. Most do travel nicely and you can start that as early as you like.


I think the cage being in the family room would be the best solution, they need to be near the rest of the family and where the family congregates the most. As far as being close to the kitchen, as long as he isn't in the kitchen is ok but it is mainly the use of teflon cookware that you need to rid your kitchen of that first.

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Hi CF, listen to Judy, she knows what she's talking about!

Generally babies are besides themselves to get out of the cage and spend time with you- just open the door and be ready, it should come right out.

There are many mixed opinions on clipping/vs not clipping. I personally don't clip mine either but I must be very vigiliant about watching open doors, and my dogs when they are around the birds. It is generally better for the health of a bird if it is allowed to fly- they get a lot of benefit from the exercise involved with flying since that is what they are made to do, and it makes them more self-assured and confident therefore less likely to feather pluck.


I try to mist my TAG about twice a week- sometimes more when he is going through a molt and tends to be itchier. If you mist them with a spray bottle, make sure they are soaked when you are done.


I have travelled with my TAG since he was a baby- he has a small carrier he rides in and another cage at my work- he comes to work with me a couple times a week if possible and seems to love getting out of the house.


The cage should be in the place in your house where the action is- they want to feel like part of what's going on and require lots of interaction throughout the day.

It sounds like you will be well prepared for baby when it comes home since you are doing your homework now and getting everything ready. Enjoy the time with it while it is a baby- they grow up fast!

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