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My name is Craig and my wife Laura. Can I first say what a great forum, I have only been a member a couple of weeks but have found the info very useful. We have a CAG called Jackson who is just over 8 months old, the breeder told us he is male. We have had him for 3 months and being our first bird are really enjoying his company and interaction. He loves learning tricks for example shaking hands on command, playing football and playing dead it's great. :cheer:


Jackson seems to have really bonded with myself. He loves being out of his cage a gets plenty of time playing with us. The only problem we are having is he keeps biting Laura. He will step up on her hand on command and happily sit on her with his rested leg tucked up, and will accept food from her, only problem is when Laura go's to stroke him his feathers go up and he tries to bite her. If I am there he tries to stop himself you can see this in his body language. Any ideas on this?


Thanks again for such a great website!!!!

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Welcome Craig, Laura and Jackson!!


He sounds like a bundle of joy that has chosen you as the favorite, which most only have one. Others, as you mention only have limited privileges and stroking is not normally one of them. He is acting as a normal Grey.


But, your wife should not lose hope. You just never know if one day he will bend his down showing he would permit a scratch or two from her.


It nice having you here and looking forward to hearing more and seeing some photos when you get a chance. :-)

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Hello Craig and welcome to the family, so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and Jackson.


He is a handsome fella from the pics you shared, thanks for sharing them right off the bat as we usually have to ask for photos.


He has chosen you as his favorite and that is normal for greys, he will allow you to do most anything with him but he is not as accepting of her but she can just be patient with him, he may eventually allow her more contact but she should not be insulted if he doesn't allow her to touch him much, she can still interact with him on a different level.


You will find lots of useful information in our many threads so read thru them at your leisure and do ask questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.

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