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Here's an amazing storey. Last Sunday 4th Jan, it was a lovely day. I took the dogs out through the consevatory for a ball play. I had just shut the door, when BANG, Harry was lying on the floor. He knew the conservatory well, it is on his flight path. I think he was aiming for me.

GREAT sadness! I took his little body outside in the sunlight, placed it beside my pond. Went to look for a spade.

When I returned, there he was standing on a rock. WOW not dead! Maybe me dropping the spade scared him, but next minuit he was flying away!!! OH NOOOO!!

As you may recall, I live half way up a moutain on a Scottish island. I watched him climb higher and higher and fly up the mountain. He landed maybe 1/2 mile away in a patch of bracken on the wrong side of a revine. I went up anyway. No sign, but I couldn't cross the revine.

Then the Buzzards started thier "rounds". mobbing the pair of eagles, and I hoped Harry wouldn'd deside to fly again.

I had to give up the search when it began to get dark, and spent a wretched night worrying. It rained and was bitterly cold.

Searched again all the next day. That night was freezing. I really could not see him surviving the Buzzard and the cold.

Tuesday saw me in the village shop. The shop keeper asked me if I had lost a parrot!!! The farmer had been followed home that very morning by a parrot. he had tried to catch said parrot by enticing him with a packet of Bombay Mix. No chance. He then left some of the mix by his door, when he looked again, the bird was outside the door, and came in when he opened it! It being lunchtime the farmer decided to have some soup, and was really put out when thr parrot decided it was his!


Harry is now home again,seemingly none the worse,is almost back to his previous wieght. The only sign that he hit the door is maybe a sore beak. He is definatly even more cuddly than befor, and will now accept the harness,which befor caused me my only ever bleeding finger.


Lessons learned. Harry will try to follow me. Cage. Harry can obviously survive adverse weather, therefor start using harness so he can come with me and the dogs, nice days, not too much time out. Do not give up!


lastly as bad as this story has been. THANK GOODNESS IT TOOK A WHILE TO FIND A SPADE.

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OMG, I thought this was another story of yet another member losing their grey and I couldn't bear to hear of another sad ending but yours is different, you got Harry back, now these are the ones I love. Not your losing him but that you were lucky to have someone find your beloved Harry, what a story and so glad you shared it with us.


Poor thing knocked himself out, I have found hummingbirds that way before and it is scarey but yes it was a good thing it took you a few minutes to find that spade or you would be burying him alive:ohmy:


Maybe now that he has spent a little time in the real world he appreciates his home and you a little more, thanks for sharing this with us and please continue to visit us and share some more adventures with Harry, don't be a stranger now ya hear.;) :laugh:

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Bikermol wrote:

It being lunchtime the farmer decided to have some soup, and was really put out when thr parrot decided it was his!


I can totally picture a self-important little parrot marching up to someone's soup and hopping on the edge of the bowl, beaking away.


Congrats on your friend making it home =) This really is a happy story.

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Wow, what a story! That is my biggest fear, one shared by many here I'm sure. I tend to keep mine clipped at least in the summertime when we're going in and out of the sliding doors in the family room. And I know even a clipped parrot who is scared can get some air and distance so it's always on the mind.


I'm so glad your story had a happy ending (and that I'm not the only one who would probably take 20 minutes to find a spade in my garage! :lol:



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