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How much should Alfie Weigh ????


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Just like us humans we vary in our bone structure and they do too, some weigh only 375grams and they can go to a little over 600grams so pretty much anything inbetween is normal.


What you want to do is weigh Alfie every day for a while to get his average then you can do it every week to see that he maintains that weight.

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My CAG at 2 years is 403g, but when she was under a year she was around 385g. At 7 months the weight gain from the fledging stage would be over so a steady weight is a very good thing. As he gets older and fills out he'll put on a few more grams but I'm betting will never be a 500 grammer...unless he gets fat.;)

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Read this ;)




They all vary in size and 440 is well w/in the normal range for a CAG. Provided Alphie is not underweight (keel bone is one way to check), with low energy etc I would not worry a bit. Kip was right around 350 grams when we got her at 6 mo's and then increased to a very stable ~410 grams...she is on the smaller side, but totally normal and healthy! You can see her weight bounces around a bit based on several variables that can affect this (time of day, full crop, recently pooped or not...etc!)


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