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Another Bird?


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Hi -


I have a twelve year old CAG (Zuri - which means Beautiful in Swahili) that I took in about six weeks ago, so he is rehomed. He is sweet, but does not like touch and seems a little lonely and bored, even though I spend lots of time with him. He does not play with toys, etc. I know that will change as he settles in more. But, I am thinking of getting a baby Grey, for both me and Zuri. They would be in the same room and I think it could provide stimulation for Zuri. Also, I guess I want to influence the upbringing of a baby bird. I love Zuri, but realize a baby would be great too and feel like I missed out on the cuddly stage. Zuri won’t even let me scratch his head without threatening to bite.

However, I'm worried this would represent one more change and may be hard on my Zuri as he was only recently rehomed with me. However, another part of me thinks do it now so he does not settle into being an only bird. Does anyone have any thoughts or previous experience with a similar situation? Much Appreciation. Here is a picture of Zuri

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I think it sounds like a wonderful idea, but it does not mean that the two will like each other. That is how I got my grey - the woman had a female and felt she needed a mate. Well, she got Bingo and they HATED each other. Not trying at all to discourage you, but wanted you to be aware. That certainly doesn't mean that it would be that way for you either. I have gotten an Amazon and Eclectus since my grey and they do not bother one another, but I cannot put them all together either. I wish you the best in whatever decision you make. BTW, love the name!

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Another point to make is that not all baby greys are cuddly!


My last baby grey was from the same breeder as my other two, well socialized and did not like to be cuddled!


I personally would spend more time with your new bird and establish a relationship with him first, he has not been with you long and still will need a lot of time to settle in.


Its great you could take in a rescue bird, is he your first bird? I hope you make the right decision for you.

Please keep us updated and let us know what you decide.


Good luck.



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THANK YOU for rehoming this fine birdy! 12 years old too...yes indeedy give him lots and lots of time. i know i say this to everyone, but i've learned Parrot Time is next to the Eternal. they do not seem to be on the same timeline as we are.


what is the story on your zuri? that could make a difference in your decision to bring in a baby that needs so very much attention.


our merl really started to shine when we brought in a couple more birdies. it was as if he started to learn to be a bird from the others. he is fascinated in peetey's flying and he has learned from miss milly that i am not in fact the Devil's Daughter.


so for us, the care-ful introduction of more birds worked very well. peetey came months and months after merlin, and then milly months and months after peetey.


of course merlin is #1 King...

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