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Stay away from this Colorado breeder


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She is located in Pennrose Colorado, she breeds Timnehs, Green Cheeks, Green Quakers~ She force weans them way to soon, Shadow was barely 3 months old and claimed he was weaned~ NO HE WASN'T birds are kept in rusted black dog kennels in a dirty unkept trailer. Shadow had a crop infection and a build up of negative bacteria the day I purchased him, vet visit the next day proves this. She places adds on Denver and Colorado Springs Craig's list and Kijji, that is where I found Shadow. I will post her information when I get it, researching today....

DO NOT PURCHASE A BIRD FROM THIS LADY~~~ My baby grey died of metal toxcity...


She is a breeder/rescue of Great Danes


Her name is Terry I can not find anything linking her to birds now, makes me wonder, but here is her phone number everything is now for the Great danes she breeds and sells..719-372-6315 her web site is

penrosekennel.homestead.com and e mail is penkenav@ris.net<br><br>Post edited by: Jadewolf32, at: 2009/01/05 18:03

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Can't something be done to her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Gosh

it's upsetting here in SA we have SPCA's I once phoned them for my neighbour his dog had puppy's they became very sick and I phoned the SPCA took them all and phoned me the next day to say they all had to be put down

it was heart breaking but they were better off I just wish I could have a enormous place to keep every sick or abused animal man what can we do???:angry:

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HA HA HA!!!!! I dont know you at all! i have to laugh very hard at this whole statment! I am a certified Liscensed Vet, Been for 25 years! I know exactly whom you are speeking very poorly of! To any one reading this Ignorant girls post, please make sure you do your homework on terri before you beleive this abosolute ignorant girls, very untrue statement! i have been terri vet for over 15 years, I am going to come to her defense on this to the fullest, I put my whole lisence in it!!! terri is more than an animal lover, but Lives her life day in and day out for all her animals, I have never met someone so dedicated in my life!!!! Whomever this nutcase is talking about her must have done something very wrong on her own. Terri lives in our office and breaks her back every day to take care of the very wonderfull kennel and sanctuary she has been running for well over 15 years! Have you ever heard of a disgruntled employee, that would have to be this lady who is speking so terribly of Terri! Like I said "DO YOUR HOMEWORK FIRST" I will post the link to terri's website and my Office, Everyone of my clients,as well as half the state knoe of terri, and you can read peoples real stories. Then and only then can you make your own judgement!!! I find it very sad that someone has to go to such far links to do something like this! Frankly it is sad! Whomever you are I eally hope that you make up, and whomever is reading this please visit terri's website, and read real peoples stories! Any question feel free!!


terrie's Website penkenav@risnet

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Hello Jamie.


Well the address you gave is not a website but is an email address. I did look up her website and found it severely lacking. There is no mention of parrots anywhere, so there is no way of viewing photos, statements by her, housing environment etc.


This thread is over a year and a half old. It died on it's on after just a few posts, so I am uncertain why you are addressing it and pulling it up now. The problem with online sites or websites of any type. Is you do not really know who is posting, if they are what they say they are etc. So my advice is always take things with a grain of salt. The other thing is, I do not know if your truly a vet, a friend of this person, a lurker etc. So again, I take your post with a grain of salt as well. You did not identify yourself, your practice and office location, your website if you have one etc.


So I would suggest anyone else reading this post, to just ignore it and let it die once again........Thanks.

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Guest jamalbirdbiz

im with dan. we normally dont approve of strange breeders on this forum and we have heeded the warnings on this unscrupulous person in question and i personally would never and i mean never buy a grey from her or anything else for that matter. theres no sane reason to breed parrots anyway when we have so many that need homes already. so i consider this thread to be an almost locked one but good try trying to get in a few famous last words. we got a good laugh for all its worth and notice how i didnt thank ur post when I did everyone elses.

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For being a Licensed Vet, you sure don't know (the way u spelled it Liscensed) SPELL. Apparently to graduate you do not have to correctly write reports! I have a feeling this is not a vet, but a poser....if not, maybe you should be revisit grammar school. I sure hope you can treat animals better than you can put a thought down on a blog. Ex: Wonderfull? really....Liscensed...Capital B in Been in the of a sentence. I am far from being an English expert, but wow!


I think if this person is really breeding and selling sick birds, she needs to go to jail...Any animal which is abused needs to be put away for a while....I hope none of this is true, but if so, Karma is a Fact!!!

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