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Offline for a few days....


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Hi All,


Ive been offline for 2 Days and probably will be for atleast another Day or two at best.


My Wife Kim underwent a test. It involved swallowing a camera capsule that takes pictures until it is expelled out the other end and transmits them wirelessly to a receiver unit they strap to you that saves each photo as it is taken.


The damn capsule is stuck and Kim was in severe pain Late Thursday night onward so we went to emergency on Friday morning.


They did a CAT Scan and the Capsule is clearly stuck. They admitted her and have not allowed any food or fluids except intraveinously. They are hoping it will pass. If not they must do surgery.


So keep her in your prayers and I'll get online as I can.


- Dan

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OMG Dan, I feel for poor Kim and what she has had to go thru with this procedure, it does not all go as planned sometimes. Well you do what you have to and that is be by her side, I would expect nothing less from you and tell her I am thinking of her and to let that thing pass.


I will definitely keep her in my thoughts and prayers that this nightmare is soon over. Please give her my love and you hang in there Dan, love you too.

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Dan, this is really terrible news. I hope that Kim is doing better today and able to get that capsule out of her through normal actions and no surgery. Please know that all of us here on the forum are thinking of you and her and sending out healing thoughts and wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Thank you all for your well wishes for Kim.


The Capsule is still stuck. They have had her without any oral intake food or fluids since Friday morning. IV drip only.


They started her on a "Fluids Only" meal last night, breakfast today and lunch. I am at home working for my job (It's nice being able to login remotely and work) in between staying with Kim at the Hospital and just wanted to drop in and give you all an update.


Kim REALLY wants to come home NOW!! Hopefully this will all workout without surgery.


The pain has subsided, now the Doctors are talking about sending her home and seeing what happens, before they do a horrendous surgery to remove it.


Again thanks for all the great well wishes. I am going to print them and take them to her. :-)

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We haven't heard anything from Dan now for a couple of days, wonder if they had to do surgery to get the capsule out, hope not, maybe Dan will be in soon to update us on Kim's condition, the poor dear.


I hope Dan is on soon to tell us she passed it without incident and is home recuperating, fingers crossed that she is just that.

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Hello all my second family!


Sorry for the delay in updates. It has been a little crazy here with Kim in the Hospital and working from home at the same time as I split my daily time between Hospital visits and work during the day.


Kim is still in the hospital and the capsule has not passed. It is looking like she will require surgery if it does not today or tomorrow. They did release her Thursday at 130pm in the afternoon stating the blockage was cleared, but the camera remained. The Doctors thought, to my objections, was it would pass now that the food materials were gone. Well, 12 hours later at 115am we were headed to the ER with Kim doubled over in pain and they admitted her again.


Today is Kim's Birthday and it's just sad to see her like this without food for 8 days now, no liquids at all and only an IV drip.


She misses a normal life very much now and Dayo along with all our other critters as well. She did speak with Dayo over the phone once 4 days ago, but could not stop crying for half an hour after that conversation, so we decided that was not a good thing to do for her or Dayo.


Dayo was also visibly depressed and upset more after the call than before. I swear they are just too human like in nature. Dayo now asks regularly "Wheres Kim"? He has also picked up the Phrase "She's still in the Hospital".


That's all I have for now. Know that Kim is appreciative of all your well wishes and that I am too.


I will try to be better at updating more often. The weekend starts tomorrow and it will give me the opportunity to spend a little more time here on the forum.


Take care all, god bless and keep up the good work as you all always do!! :-)

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I had hoped this nightmare would have resolved itself by now but that is not the case, my gosh I cannot imagine how Kim must feel, go without food and liquid, be fed intravenously, lay in a hospital doing without the company of Dayo who misses her terribly and to top it all off today is her birthday.


Thank you so much Dan for taking a few minutes to update us, you know we care for the both of you so much and want nothing but the best for you.


Poor Dayo will go nuts when his mommy is finally home and I pray that day comes soon. She will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers and my love goes out to both of you.

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Dan and Kim, I am so sorry to hear how difficult of a time you are both having. I was heartbroken to hear how deeply Dayo misses you KIM. But it doesn't surprise me, I hear you are the favorite!! B)

Please know that you both and Dayo, are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope you get better and home very quickly.

Thank you for the updates Dan. Tell Kim HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and I expect you will have an extra birthday celebration for her when she comes home.

Luv ya both,


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So sorry to hear about your sad Kim & Dayo. :(

No liquids for 8 days must be really tough...and I feel her pain. Probably not a birthday she wants to remember.


It doesn't make sense that she can't drink liquids when they want something to pass. I guess they don't want liquids to interfere with anesthesia if she needs emergency surgery, right?


Or I wonder why they didn't try charcoal. That stuff REALLY clears ya out fast.




At any rate...I really hope she gets to come home soon and enjoyed a belated birthday with the flock. Also, that she gets a big juicy meal!

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