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Send me ya hard ernt cash mate in return i will send you 4 i repeat 4 crap CDs and a Crap book to and bombard you with no good Emails to get more cash FREE of charge w----rs that tell you Anything ?????? The People here will help with anything you wish to know :)

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I think getting the DVD "Training Your Parrot the Alex Way" would be a better investment. My grey is like 2 and i've recently taught her a few labels.


Want candy (her treats)

Want paper (to shread)

and almost got Want corn.


And haven't even been doing the model/rival method in the DVD. It's just been 1 on 1. She can't stand when I'm close to my wife so when I get the DVD I expect she'll be trying awful hard to out her "rival".


So really you don't need any dvd's or cd's for training you can find plenty of info online. Even for the model/rival method.

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I watched a little of his material out of curiosity. I did see one training session in which a cockatiel was target trained with a millet stalk ( is this the right word?). This was the only useful advice, apart from the fact that there still are a lot of pesticides used by growing millet. I could use this for my hybrid lovebird, who doesn't want to take tiny pieces of nuts out of my hands. I could start holding such a millet stalk in front of him to reward him after touching a target. Later, when his reaction is less fierce, I could have him take treats from my hands.


The rest is like many video's available: what you see seems to e very easily to accomplish, but what you don't know is the time a professional bird trainer spends on his birds. You will also not see the amount of patience needed, the skills to observe an analyze bird behavior. I would recommend to do at least the online course LLP with Susan Friedman, or to do a workshop with Barbara Heidenreich, or maybe Steve Martin.

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The online LLP (Living and Learning with Parrots) course with Susan Friedman was the best time I have spent learning about parrots (well, second only to HERE of course :laugh: ;) :laugh: ). Seriously though, it helped me identify several things I was doing that were reinforcing the exact behaviors I was trying to eliminate. It puts things in a very logical format and there is ongoing support after the course is over within a Yahoo Group. There was a waiting list (it took me over a year before I actually started the course), but it was well worth the wait.



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