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New member...soon to be a Grey daddy


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Hello all,


I just wanted to introduce myself. I do not currently have any birds of any sort at home. I had a budgie as a boy. It was just a cage dweller. I was too young to know how to tame him. I then got a Nanday Conure in 1985 after I graduated college. "Starbuck" was a wild capture bird but I had him tamed in three days. He was a good bird but a little obnoxious. I only had him for about two years before I had give him away because in the Navy and I was gone too much. I got a pair of love birds after I got out of the navy. I was never able to tame them (I think I was too busy being a husband and father). They did bred, however, and I ended up having 7 of them. I sold the lovebirds back to a pet shop.


Now that my kids pretty much grown up and are starting to leave the house (one in college now, one a senior in high school, and one in 8th grade). I have more time on my hands. My wife and kids surprised me this Christmas with a cage and "permission" to get a CAG. I was a pleasant surprise! I am now actively looking for a CAG and hope to have one this February.


We also have three Boston Terriers (Roscoe (12), Roxanne (10), and Peanut (1.5)).<br><br>Post edited by: davek85, at: 2008/12/31 17:20

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What a wonderful Xmas present, and your family so supportive of what you would like to have.


There are great people and lots of information here, and if you dont see it you can always just ask.


Welcome again, and you have the battle half won, you have your cage :)


Look forward to hearing more.


Carolyn & Mika

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Welcome DaveK!!


Wow, your family sure knows how to treat a Dad!! Congratulations on getting the cage and go ahead to fill it with an African Grey. You've come to the right place to research and also receive answers from experienced bird owners to help you as needed.


It is certainly no small responsibility to take on and hopefully you consider it a lifetime commitment to this very intelligent and loving creature you are considering bring into your Flock.


Looking forward to hearing more from you. :-)

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Hello DaveK and welcome to the family, so glad you could join us and we look forward to hearing more about you and this new grey you are getting.


I see from your introduction you have had a conure, I have a sun conure and she is spoiled rotten and they are like little clowns, she loves nothing better than to be on my shoulder all the time and she does the darndest acrobatics to try to get into what I am doing.


Like me you are at a point in life where the kids are gone, at least most of them for you and you have more time to devote to enjoying one of these amazing creatures and providing the love and attention they need and thrive on.


You will find lots of useful information in our many threads, do read thru them at your leisure and do not hesitate to ask any and all questions you may have and we will help you in any way we can.


Its nice to have another member here from Virginia but we do have members from all around the world, thats what the internet does is make it possible to make friends with anyone anywhere.

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Welcome Dave.What a christmas present.I am sure this site will provide you with many if not all the answeres to your questions.The advise I can give you now is to not rush and find the bird that is right for you.<br><br>Post edited by: she, at: 2008/12/31 17:29

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The best way is to go to the breeders at least once a week as they grow and let the Grey pick you. They will over a few weeks start to weed themselves out as one or two will keep coming to you out of the clutch(s). When you notice one seeking you out, be sure to check the leg band so you can confirm which one or two consistantly come to interact with you.


If you are able to do this, you will not be disappointed once you get your Grey home. :-)

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I am in contact with Matt at Project Perry (a parrot sanctuart near me). I plan on paying him a visit at the sanctuary next month. He tells that he is contacted by many people looking for to rehome their birds. I may end up adopting a bird through him.


As far as other birds go I do not have any at this time. I have three Boston Terriers and 11 Koi right now. I have had a budgie, zebra finches (4 that bred into 24), a Nanday Conure, and two lovebirds that bred into 7.



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My baby Grey comes home on Wednesday! I still need a name for her. So far the candidate names are:

Yoshabel (Yoshi)

Peppermint Patty




I hope that once I get her home I will know what to call her.


Post edited by: davek85, at: 2009/02/09 18:40<br><br>Post edited by: davek85, at: 2009/02/09 18:44


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Wilma is home! I picked her up on Wednesday. She has settled in very well. Boy, what a sweet bird! MJ (the breeder) sure raised a very sociable bird. She loves to be with everyone in the family. Boy I tell you I am so glad I got her. I had debated long and hard about whether to get her or an Amazon. I made the right choice!


Here is a picture of her on my shoulder.


Post edited by: davek85, at: 2009/02/13 12:32<br><br>Post edited by: davek85, at: 2009/02/13 12:34


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