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Cage Placement


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I'll be picking up my CAG in about 6 weeks, and I've been wondering about cage placement. My two senegal parrots are in my living room (in separate cages) where they'll be able to get the most interaction. But I've read Grey's can get stressed easily around other birds, should I set the cage up in my bedroom? My senegal parrots are relatively quiet most of the time, and I think they'd enjoy the interaction with the grey, but I don't want to stress anyone out.


One more question: noise factor. Every grey I've ever known (and all the research I've done) says a grey is much like a senegal in the loudness relm: senegals have the ability to be loud and screechy, but rarely are. How are your greys in that area?

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Noise wise, greys can be in that catagory. rarely are they loud.

placing the grey in a bedroom away from the flow of traffic, the daily goings on in the house, inability to see other people isn't good for a grey AT ALL. greys need to be in the middle of everything. That's the way trust, confidence and the awareness that a grey needs is developed.

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Our grey is just outside the living room, too, as we were told that she should be able to see us interacting daily to stimulate her mind. Could you imagine if it sat in a quiet room by itself and had to entertain itself all day? Ours is very curious as to what we're doing.


Kenzie is rarely loud. If she is, it's just for a few hyper minutes. It's funny and we just laugh at her.

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