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Sterno fuel...


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Has anyone ever used sterno fuels? They're the things that burn underneath an aluminum pan to keep the food warm.


My mom bought some today for our family Christmas Eve party tomorrow and now I'm worried!


It's actually a gel and the label says they're 2 hour burning ethanol cans.


Ethanol is strong (&$Y&$ and, basically, pure alcohol. Supposedly burns clean, but not sure if it's "clean" enough for parrots!


What am I going to do with Kenzie?!?! The trays will be in the basement and I could put her on the 3rd floor with the window slightly venting the room, but even with that I would be worried sick!


I'm trying to think of other options. I can't take her to my one neighbor's house because they don't live there anymore.


Our other neighbor is old, has a cat, and smokes like a chimney.


My grandma's house could work. But her house smells like nicotine even when she's not there!


My aunt's house has a HUGE black lab, and 2 cats.


I don't know what to do and I'm freaking out!


Please help! Anyone?!?!

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Sterno is ok. It burns clean and does not emit any harmful fumes that will damage your Grey.


It is great to see you really think about how anything used in your home could affect you bird and check on it. That's a very responsible owner!!


Karma to you. :-)

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