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Hi and announcing the arrival of Shanti


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Hi Everyone,


I am ecstatic to announce that -- after lots of research and lots of help in this forum -- we brought Shanti home from his breeder in Los Angeles tonight.


Everything has worked out perfectly so far. The breeder swears that Shanti is a male but has not been genetically tested. We are thrilled with either gender, so may never know.


Shanti is about 6 months old and makes lots of clicking, dinging, ringing and whistling sounds already. He does a perfect telephone ring.


When we arrived home, he marched right out of his transport cage and let my daughter and me pet him after the briefest of initial pecking and nervousness. Naturally, we fell head over heels in love. When he got hungry, he went back in the cage on his own to eat and is now resting quietly for the night.


I will post some pictures as soon as we get a little more organized around here.


We are a family of four humans, two parakeets and a cat. Thanks to all of you for early encouragement on this wonderful adventure. I know it won't all be sweetness and light, but so far it's been a great joy.



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Congrats David on the arrival of your new grey and yes this is the honeymoon phase of your new relationship so don't be surprised if things don't always go so smoothly in the coming months and years but you are off to a good start.


May this be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness for you both and for all of your flock.


Yes please get us some pictures as soon as you can manage it, we love pictures here, can't you tell:cheer:

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