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Salsa's Displaced...(for the day)


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Greetings, Maggie here....after all these years and at the ripe old age of 12, Joey seems to be going into his terrible twos🙄....either that or hell froze over on Saturday, the moon turned blue or Jupiter aligned with Mars...🤣(LOL)

Joey was playing in his usual spot on Saturday morning in the kitchen by the kitchen window when he decided to fly over and land on Salsa's outside cage perch. After a few minutes, he moseyed on into Salsa's cage...not the first time, but this time, he decided to make himself at home.

Salsa, alarmed at this intruder, 😲 sidled out the long way and stood on the top of her cage whining...Joe settled in and picked up one foot and got comfortable. This lasted from 11am to 6pm...Never before has Joey stayed in ANY cage besides his own...and never again since then. He actually took a nap and Salsa had a fit all day because she could not take her own nap-time. She was SO relieved when Joey finally left that she ran in and examined her cage to make sure her intruder had not mucked things up while she was gone...😂

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