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I'm Back !! (The Old Jay)


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Well, Sorry, I'm back.. I asked for forgiveness and to offer what ever suggestions, love, smiles and encouragement. It was like having a party that no one showed up for...I'm a dying man and I tried as hard as I could to get you together, some day's I hurt so bad I could hardly type, other days my MS held me down, but I reached out to all of you, to bring you together, no one showed up...No one post's you only hear from one or two moderators once in a while. (the best moderators in the world)

KittyKittyKitty, Timbersmon, Greywing, bless you, Ray your heart was there but guess you we're busy...Talon you gave me your love, but you we're busy to. I asked for nothing, no crowns  or hearts but was always compared to others. I have no more to offer, each day is getting shorter, I tried my best only wanting to bring the forum back together. I'm done posting, please no PM's. SR, Judy, Ray I'm done.

I truly love you all.

Reverend Jay-D

I turn my cheek and wish you peace..

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Please hang in there Jay we do care and wish you lessening pain and bountiful love. The birds need your assistance training their humans how to interact and how to reach a common understanding. I sorrow for your suffering and know Maggie will keep fighting for you too. I must have missed a chapter in the twists and turns of greyforums.

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Jay...Maggie...you both know how I feel....and WHY I seem "busy"  you know what that is about..... You both will always have a special place in my heart...I WILL speak for other members...and if they don't like what I say, they can disappear...but OUR BIRDS HAVE A BETTER LIFE IN OUR HOMES BECAUSE OF THE ADVICE & HELP YOU HAVE OFFERED OVER THE YEARS.  I know I have more knowledge because of you..NO ONE can take that away from you & you should be proud of all you have done in life.  I am sad you don't recognize all the great threads & posts you have done for our fids.  You should be focusing on all the GOOD things  you've accomplished here & nothing else.  THAT is Gods wish ( and mine :)  )


THANK YOU to the members that took the time out of your busy lives to post in this thread....MOST of you don't know the depth of Jays declining health, I do & have respected his wishes not to discuss it here on the forum,  but the fact that he is still able to communicate to Maggie so she can write for him here is a difficult task in itself,.  Love to you both as always..<3 ❤️

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Jayd, I lost my closest, most dearest friend to MS at the tender  young age of 40. Her battle began as a teen, although none of us knew what was going on with her at the time. Through it all, she always kept her sense of humor, and was first to reach out to others in need. I learned so much about life through her, especially the precious value of life itself.

Our world has been made a better place because of you and all that you have accomplished. Thank you for everything, and for being you! 

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