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Toy issue


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Hello guys.

Today I attempted to install toy in his cage, after i did it , Omg 😮 he was frightened , as if the toy was a predator , I thought it’s because of me , so i stayed way and ignored him for 5 minuets , and I realized it was because of the toy , and when i saw him frightened and squeezed himself at one side the cage actually i could fell tears in my eyes and wanted to cry :( . although I’m not a girl but ... . I just love birds and I want them to have a perfect life i have 3 budgies and 1 canary , and i gave them  a room to live together freely with cages that are always open , but I’m really worried about my parrot :((( 

any suggestion guys ? 

And  the toy isn’t  colorful it’s plain and consists of : wood , rope and a small bell.  

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Most greys do not accept new things easily.  What I do with Timber is place the new toy near his cage, not in it. Over the next few days, I move it closer and closer.  Eventually we get to putting it in the cage.  Then there is a good chance he won't be interested in it anyway, but he isn't scared of it, ha. This kind of behavior is very normal from what I've read on the forum. Do you have any plain stainless steel bells?  Most greys love bells, but you have to go through the same process of getting them used to it.

At any rate, I just wanted to reassure you that his reaction to the new toy is in no way unusual and nothing to worry about,  To sum it up, they DO NOT like change! :)

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Timbersmom summed it up perfectly- a lot of greys do not like change and it can take them some time to adapt. Each grey is different. I've heard stories of grey's who wouldn't accept their owners because they were wearing glasses, or changed their hair... though those are probably more extreme cases.

In regards to toys, I always show Alfie any new toys from a distance. I normally buy a few toys at a time so I take each one out of the box and hold it up for him to see (from a distance). I then see how he reacts before moving a bit closer with it. If he's feeling brave then he may 'beak'  it to check it out(touch the toy with his beak). Or if he's unsure he will back off. I always try and sound excited when showing him new things, especially if he is unsure. This has resulted in Alfie learning to go 'OoooOooo!'. Now when he's unsure of something and checking it out he says 'OoooOoo!' because thats the noise I make when trying to get him to look at something new. 9_9

You have to do things at a pace your parrot is comfortable with. I am lucky because Alfie will accept things reasonably quickly. I normally leave new toys laying around the room for a few days and move them closer and closer until he's ready for them to go in his cage. Sometimes I have to hang them outside the cage for a day or two before he's happy it's not going to kill him!

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