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When they are bad

Ray P

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We all love our little angels with red tails. We speak kindly of them and love them with all our hearts, but when they are bad we come up with new names for them to vent our frustration.

So what do you call your red tailed darling when they are less than perfect ??

Well around here when Corky falls of her pedestal It`s Corky Monster.!!!!

So when your sweet thing is less  than stellar what kind of name do you call them

OH, don`t tell me that your red tailed sweetie is never bad because I won`t believe you so come on, fill us in.547.jpg.482cf987d34306acb37c04d6e5da5a6f.jpg

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I call Dorian DohDoh,  as is "DohDoh stop that"  Right now Mr. 'won't chew a wooden toy' is determined to turn my wooden filing cabinet into so many toothpicks.  Why is it that he won't ever chew one of the many toys I've tried to put in his cage, wood of all soft and hard textures, all thicknesses, all colours, but he's only interested in chewing the filing cabinet and the desk?!  Sigh

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I'm not sure I have a nickname for Alfie when he's getting into mischief. I can't recall any... normally it's just his name followed by 'no' or 'no biting' (when he's about to chew on something he shouldn't). He knows what both mean... and usually just waits for me to stop paying attention before trying again. 9_9

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