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Egg laying

Charlie Parker

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Hello everybody,

So i cheerfully accepted my third grey about 4 months ago, her name is .... well it's jafar but thats because everyone who has had her company thought she was a he...... for 23 year's! Once she came into my life, had her vet visit and is eating things other than sunflower seeds she has been laying eggs in a drawer pretty much since I've been caring for her. Her vet visit was definitely needed! Had ber blood drawn a poop sample done an xray and she was put on antibiotics for a week. Poor girl was egg bound which is why the vet visit was a week or so from getting her. She had a bacterial infection, ecoli so the antibiotics took care of that. But the vet visit was when he turned to she. She recieved a shot of calcium and layed her first egg 30 minuets later, she has been able to lay her own eggs ever since. Jafar was in a cage for her past 10 years of her life after her first owner past away, because of the lack of human contact or toys to play with, she plucked her chest and neck bald but things are getting better. I know it's a behavioral problem now and not anything else. She's getting new feathers but sometimes plucks a few out still but she is getting better with leaving them alone to grow in. She has like two red feathers on her neck. So anyway she basically lives in one of my kitchen island drawers and lays on her eggs. I put fake eggs in there to replace SOME of the real ones. I feel as though i should leave her alone, she seems so content. She does come out a few times a day, i place her on her cage to go poop and eat, then she says come here to me asking me to place her back on the kitchen island to tend ber eggs. How long should i allow her to do this?

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If she continues to lay eggs she could deplete her calcium levels, let her tend to her eggs for a couple of weeks until she tires of them then remove the eggs and the nest, when the hormones subside then the laying will cease until nature tells her to do it again. I have a female who is over 11 years old and she has yet to lay her first egg, hoping she won't.

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