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Birds Like Dry Food More than Fresh


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Poppy and our Quaker Parrot, Olive both love their Roudybush pellets and the premium blend parrot mix from Dr's Foster and Smith. They love it more than their fresh food. It isn't uncommon to put a bowl of fresh food into Poppy's cage and look over at her just a minute or two later and see her hunched over her pellet bowl. Anyone else's birds prefer dry food over fresh? We do switch up their fresh food offerings often...

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Alfie is the same. I can offer him up all sorts of tasty morsels and more often than not he'll chuck them to one side or just ignore them. Cooked, raw, it doesn't matter. At most he'll take a couple of chunks out of it before throwing it. I persevere but he's a little bugger for trying not to eat the healthy stuff.


With the exception of grapes. He can't turn down a grape. He gets given a few grapes every so often as a treat and he devours them.

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Poppy will eat some but she loses interest quickly. I didn't think about removing the pellets:rolleyes: Poppy tosses some of hers also. She will dig and toss. Ah well...she does eat some. I just think it's funny how they just love their pellets. That is the quickest and easiest way to lure Poppy into her cage at night—her pellet dish.

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