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GAME: Never Have I Ever....


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Someone states 'never have I ever' in a statement with something they've done (mine was calling in sick to work to finish a book - which I have, sadly, done) -- then others quote the statement and answer yes if they've also called into work sick to read a book; or no they haven't done this. (This can also be a drinking game where if you've done the same thing too -- you take a drink; if you haven't done it -- you don't drink -- but this is a message board so let's not go there. lol


After the first "Never Have I Ever' has been responded to by as many as want; then someone else starts a new one and we all chime in with our yes and no's.


Usually the "Never have I ever" statements are things we don't usually admit to doing, they're very human confessions (but we won't get too awful -- these are good boards!)

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I'm ashamed I've done it. :( I am also very guilty of losing sleep staying up reading also. 'Never have I evers' are generally a confessions of things that aren't our finest moments like mine was. Sometimes someone will do a 'never have I ever' with a rare accomplishment (like hiking the whole Appalachian Trail -- but then, you're almost always guaranteed all Nay replies).


Anyone else have one?

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I have not skipped work to finish reading a book. I have however, stayed up most of the night reading a book I couldn't put down and then was tired and grumpy at work the next day. Oops!


I HAVE been late or left early due to pets (emergency vet visits etc). When I was still living at home with my sister and parents I got called home from work because Alfie had escaped in the house and my sister was too scared to do anything. She hid upstairs with the dog. I was unable to keep a straight face when telling my boss that I had to go home because my parrot was holding my sister and dog hostage. ;)


I have not been in the awkward situation of being seated next to an ex with their new partner in a restaurant... thankfully!


Never have I ever.... made myself late to an event/work/outing because one of my pets was being adorably affectionate so I stopped to make the most of it.

(Hey, don't judge- my cats like attention on their own terms and one was refusing to let me out of bed without giving him loads of fuss first... this might have happened on more than one occasion!! :cool:)

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Never have I had to sit next to an ex and their date. Sounds... awkward. A miserable way to spend an evening. :(


I've stayed home for sick pets (but I didn't call in sick, just explained I had a vet appointment and needed day off)

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Neoow would that be a case of fur flu? I did have to leave work and remove a very excited Umbrella Cockatoo from our living room blinds which will never be the same. Then once again had to rush home and remove said Cockatoo from my elderly Mothers head, she remained undamaged. Needless to say this bird delinquent and my hubby had an escalating challenge as to who was able to out engineer the other on escape vs escape proofing. Hubby finally:rolleyes: won that after about a year.

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