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Happy Birthday Talon (Penny)


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I just wanted to wish our admin a very Happy Birthday today, I think you all will agree she does an awesome job here at greyforums mostly by herself with the help of the mods and wow has it really been 10 years, yes it has so hopefully she will reign for many many more years. Lets all let her know how much she is appreciated here from her flock.:)

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Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes! THANK YOU Judy for being so thoughtful, you've always been one of my dear friends.❤️❤️


Ray, it was probably the best birthday I've had ever!! ❤️

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I second the motion to keep celebrating!!Happy Birthday and Thank You for taking care of our forum. This is the best place on the internet! Thank you Judy for reminding us how great this forum is because of Penny leading us to be a happy family

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