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I'm new here. Getting a young Grey in a couple weeks. I wish there was a reasonable way to mark our windows as not passable. Our house has a lot of windows and almost no shades. We had the terrible experience of losing a Grey about 20 years ago because he flew into a window that he thought was an opening to the sky.


I've had a budgie and we "baby sat" a Blue and Gold for a few months so we think we know what we are getting into.




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Welcome! There is a clear window spray you can use that birds can see and we can't. I too have a lot if windows and my window cleaner that I have that comes once a year told me about it. I'd have to google it, don't remember the name.

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Welcome to the forum, Bob!

Do you have a name ready for your new addition or are you going to work that one out after he/she arrives?

I'm not sure what to suggest on the window front- Alfie has never flown into a window and knows where they all are. When I moved houses I always took him round and showed him where the windows are and sat him on the window sils so he could tap the glass. Whenever he gets spooked he doesn't tend to fly towards the windows - he normally flies at a shelf or his cage... or me.

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