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New baby parrot (Django) is home


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After the loss of our first African Grey (Django March 2016, only 3 years old, Zinc poisoning that was discovered by me by accidental thoughts after researching what he could have) we have decided to get a new one. We did however decide we only wanted a parrot that was related to Django. Today was that day after a long wait :). My mum really wanted to call this one Django as well, so that is his name.


After he was fed he instantly went to me to cuddle, which was bizarre, and it made me cry because it reminded me so much of the old Django. Then when my brother had him for a bit, he looked at me and literally ran across the table making cute sounds and again wanted to lay in my arms and be cuddled (I cried again... ye).


I am very happy with our new baby bird, but at the same time I feel like I'm betraying the old Django so much right now, so a little bit of mixed feeling and I seem to be the only one. Some of you may remember the videos where Django was super interactive to my voice and how I taught him quite a bit already in a short period that he was with us. Anyone has some tips to shake the guilt and feeling of betrayal off off me?


Here are some pictures of the new baby to keep the tone of the thread a little light :). Sorry for the heavy stuff.


He is 11 weeks now btw!


Django 2.jpg


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Oh what a cutie. I really must stop looking at baby grey photos as I get so parrot broody!!


I'm really happy that you've decided to take on another grey. It's difficult to make any suggestions about the feelings of guilt though. I think this is just a process that you'll need to work through. As cliche as the saying is, time IS a great healer. My family and I went through similar when we lost our family dog. It took us a few years before we all decided we were ready to have another dog.


I think once Django is fully settled in you'll get to a point where it feels like he's been there forever and you'll accept the differences between the two Django's and that there is no betrayal.

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Then look at this one Sterling ;). He is supposed to sit in a plastic box, but since he was showing insane climbing skills last night we decided during the day we go on and off in terms of box and cage (low sitting of the cage). So he can practice sitting on a stick, and in the night I take him to my bedroom where he can sleep in the box and feel a little more safe at night.

(just above him there's a carton "plate" we made from the box where the cage came from as a ceilling).

Django 3.jpg

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Congratulations on your beautiful new baby! What a sweetheart. The human heart has the capacity for much love. You will never forget Django, and he will always have a place in your heart. That doesn't mean there is not plenty of love for a new baby, and is in no way a betrayal. God bless :)

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Thanks all :). I still feel sad about Django and the days before we got the new baby I have shed many tears of guilt. I still feel guilty, but it also feels nice with the new baby. It is weird though, he is so cuddly, he wants to cuddle all the time and I jokingly said to my sister it almost feels as if it is actually Django (reincarnated) and cuddling so much to make up for the lost time he had with us over the last few months. She said that he is so smart already she wouldn't be surprised if that is the case.


Here are some bonus pictures. I was thinking of sharing some videos, but then I'd have to put them on public on my facebook and I rather not with the weirdo's out there at times. I'll see if I can upload it to youtube and then get a clickable link or so :).





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Oh my Lady Gaga!! LOVE the photos, and agree with Sterling that I'd want to be kissy kissy-ing that little face big time! It can be a mixed bag of feelings when naming a pet and/or a child after a deceased loved one. There are many reminders along the way, and in other ways it is such a lovely way to honor the departed loved. Almost as if a whisper bit of their spirit lives on in their namesake.


No reason to feel guilt about loving your new companion with all of your heart, in honor of Django The First. Our hearts have the capacity to expand even when we think they are already filled to the brim. Enjoy Django II and, be mindful of comparisons. Just like people each companion has her/his own personality and traits. It looks from the great photos that your heart is already wide open and welcoming D2. <3 <3

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Django is doing really well, he is super sweet and loves his cuddling so much, it is unreal. I never thought parrots like cuddling so much like he does. I inserted a video from facebook, but not sure if that works if it's not public, but I don't like to have my videos open for everyone when it comes to my birds (considering there are groups out there to steal them :(.



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