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attachment.php?attachmentid=26805&stc=1 This is CC she is 15/16 years old Blue Front Amazon rescued from an unsafe atmosphere.




attachment.php?attachmentid=26806&stc=1 This is Sadie a 16-year-old Lilac headed Amazon. She was relinquished by an older lady who could no longer care for her. I have been told NW Bird Rescue that I would be willing to let her former owner come see her if she wants.


Will get some pictures of these new companions out of their cages when I know my greys and they get along. All 4 parrots are flighted so this could be quite interesting........



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What an amazing addition to your home. Those lovely girls are going to be the best company you could wish to enjoy. It is amazing to see how beautiful they both are just in the cage as you get through the introductions. In coming months you may turn my head to the Amazon side of life. Congratulations on your adoption!


So... Greywings... now I am relatively certain if I was a parrot in a former life, it was an Amazon. I have a fierce urge to bite, am colorful and a bit on the lazy side. Hahahaha.

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I am sorry to have to say that I have returned CC, the Blue-Front Amazon, to the bird rescue. I forgive her biting me and scratching my arm but I could not forgive her targeting me and landing on my head, digging in her claws and trying to bodily harm me as she screeched like a banshee. The only thing I can think of is that CC was jealous of my giving my greys attention just before going to her cage.


When Chris from the bird rescue came over to get CC, he told me that CC had bitten his wife when she was walking by CC's cage after caring for the cockatiels they have so I am probably right about the jealousy.


Long story short I can not take the chance that CC would not harm my greys if given the chance. My greys are docile loving companions and could not hold their own around such a vicious parrot.


Frankly I am broken-hearted by this.

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What you have learned emphasizes what we know intuitively, every parrot has had a life full of experience that shapes who they are when we meet. CC is beautiful and has a piece of your heart to carry with her, and you have a memory of the best of what you had with her as you helped her on her path to a home that "clicks" with her. Be kind to yourself and though you will have moments that are sad because it didn't work out, you also have the best interest of your flock at heart. The time is just not right for a match. You would never know had you not tried. In a different scenario, last year when I spent time with my daughter and new son-in-law while they went on a honeymoon, his large dog "snapped" without warning nor provocation. He attacked our small dog and two others brutally and seconds later he was calm. Since they had not seen the incident and the only evidence was a puncture in Baxter's ear and throat, my son-in-law rationalized that if he had wanted to hurt Baxter, he could have killed him. I stepped away knowing in my heart they would have to learn the hard way. They took Dante to obedience classes, but he did not need training. They put him on medications as the vet thought it was anxiety related. About two months ago his dog attacked my daughter's twelve year old Italian greyhound. She had eight teeth knocked out and head injuries to the tune of over $1500. You are right to follow your intuition and protect your flock regardless of how it hurt to make that choice to return CC. It would be far more painful if you forced yourself to hope for a better outcome and it ended less peacefully.

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A very tough decision, and one we all know you did not make lightly nor without a lot of soul searching. The others have said it all, and much more eloquently than I ever could. CC will find the right home, and good information was gathered.

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