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Beware a quiet bird..!


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Alfie discovered the shelves in the living room a few weeks back. They've been there since we moved in but he recently discovered he could land on them and throw everything off. So they are now his favourite place.


The other day I was working at the computer and Alfie was busying himself by flying to and from the shelves. I left some toys and paper up there for him and he was happily throwing them all over the place.


And then it went quiet. Uh oh...


I didn't realise at first but I suddenly noticed that I couldn't hear Alfie doing anything. So I looked round the corner and there he was... on the shelf... re-modelling it! :rolleyes: They are cheap shelves and he was busy pulling the laminate up from the back edge.


So, being that this is his favorite spot and I know full well he's going to do everything in his power to get up there and carry on re-modelling. I decided I needed to get creative. Fortunately, I had a couple of thick cardboard boxes to hand, so they are now up there covering the spot that he started picking at.




Needless to say, he had a LOT of fun chewing up the box today... and my shelves haven't been touched!

Now I just need to remember to keep a stock of boxes to hand. :cool:


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"Beware a quiet bird" is certainly in the top 5 rules on how to coexist w/a parrot. Maybe "redirect wherever possible" & "always keep a sense of humor" as well. Top 10 for sure. But when Alfie looks as proud of himself as he does there, I think it makes it almost easy. Lucky that he didn't take out something irreplaceable, too. ")

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That is a great photo! "Whachoo lookin' at?" Your post brought back a memory from nearly ten years ago. I was not home, my husband and daughters were in the family room with Java. When I came home they had a story to tell. They were in the family room with Java and suddenly realized she was quiet. "Hey, where is the parrot?" They were frantic looking for her when she popped her head up from an open jar of peanutbutter! The jar was nearly empty and she had climbed completely inside and was covered with it. In just a few short seconds of panic, she managed to teach my husband what decades with his mother and with me had failed. Now he closes the peanut butter and puts it back in the cupboard when he is finished. Hahahaha. I love the solution you came up with to give Alfie the satisfaction of his new discovery and protects your shelf at the same time. Way to go!

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Well it seems to have worked a treat. I now make sure I put a box up there with his toys and he flies straight over there as soon as he's out of the cage, flings all his toys off and then starts pulling the box apart. So glad this worked! Even better- I have an endless supply of the boxes to hand, as they are just old toner cartridge boxes. So myself and my housemate can just grab some from work whenever needed.


Katana your story made me laugh. How funny that Java managed to train your husband better than you could! ;)

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