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I have an African Grey I inherited from my Grandmother about 8 years ago. We've become quite close, yet lately she's pulling at the bottom of the cage making this loud clanking sound. I'm not sure it's an attention thing because I'm sitting right next to her and offer to rub her beak. She just seems to enjoy the sound it makes but it's LOUD and drives me bananas. I've verbally scolded her, tried to give her treats, she's got plenty of toys, but I'm at my wits end.


Any ideas?

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A video would help. However, Greys love making big noises. Most people will give them a big bird safe bell to clank around or stainless spoons/measuring cups. They love to be loud sometimes. Being loud is their natural behavior so scolding them for it is pointless. I've really found the use of ear plugs to be a great sanity tool when mine went through a stage of a very high pitched shrill that drove me bonkers. Try it out.


Does she get much out time?

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Alfie grabs his food bowls and makes a right racket with them. He KNOWS it gets attention. Sometimes he's just letting me know that he's eaten all the tasty bits and doesn't like what's left. Other times he just does it because he knows I'll look over/check it out.


He also loves noisy toys like bells.


You could try ignoring the behaviour and then pay attention again once she stops/does something else... but once they've found something noisy or something which pushes your buttons, it'll be a difficult behaviour to change.

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There is a toy called banger clanger and that is what it is, loud and our greys love them. There is one grey who likes to snap her bars on her cage, and she will do that in or out of the cage. But the safe bells are #1. My Bongo has bruises on his head from his, he will whack the crap out of it but can get away quick enough when it comes back at him but that is part of the game. You can try getting stainless steel measuring spoons and hanging that for your bird to distract from the noise bothering you. But trust me when I say, if you made a deal out of the noise already, your bird will continue to do it until there is no reaction coming from you about it for a looong time. They know how to push our buttons but it is how we react to it that they are paying attention to.

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