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Hi, hello~


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Hi~! Thanks for clicking me.


First and foremost, I'm not technically a bird owner -- I work at a vet that has an African Grey as a permanent residence. His name is smokey, and he's why I joined. I don't really know much about birds, haha; I'm more of a dog/cat person. So please, lmao, have a bit of patience with my questions!


Moving on, I don't have much to talk about besides Smokey. I don't like talking about myself much, and besides reading, writing, and working, I don't do a whole bunch! But I am friendly, so if you have questions or just want to talk, I have good ears and semi-entertaining answers.


Have a good day, guys~!

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I liked thinking of us as shades of grey until advertisements for books and movies that put a whole new spin on things. :rolleyes: Welcome to Grey Forums Keeks! I used to be a dog person but getting to know African greys may have changed that part of me forever. I still enjoy my dogs but the idea that Miss Gilbert needs a footnote in my will puts her in a different category. I'm looking forward to reading more about Smokey, your coworker. LOL. Be careful, Smokey will have you wrapped around a gnarly little talon before you know what hit you.

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