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CAG Feather Color


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Hi there,


So Clara is almost 2 years old now. Hand raised her myself. Unclipped, flying around the house, having a ball. Gets her fruit and veggies regulary. She prefers oranges, apples and red bell peppers. Very chatty. Lovely little thing.


I noticed something about her feathers on her abdomen. It is starting to look like this:




Like the one on the right.


What exactly is happening to her? I assume it's only natural,so I'm not worried, but I only ever saw it in photos. Does it have any significance?

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Greys can have the red factor genes but they can also replace grey feathers with red ones at the site of an injury or plucked area. Pookie is one of the latter. When she came to live with us she had a badly plucked neck, belly, chest legs and underside of her wings. Now only part of her chest , lower belly a front of her neck are kind of bare. She has several red feathers along her neck and shoulders and her leggings and just a few on her chest where she has allowed the missing feathers to regrow, big step forward but it had taken a few years and given her new colors.

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