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What age do I introduce my baby grey to his cage


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Hi Nancy I rescued Charlie from a pet shop at 4 weeks old and have been hand rearing him. He is now 6 weeks old and doing extreemly well thanks to all the wonderful help and advise from the grey family.

I have looked on all the discussions but cannot find any info regarding the issue of the incubation period other than a 7/8 week referrence of a trnasfer to a cage, which I am thinking may mean that Charlie will have to stay incubated until that time? Thanks Jeni

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We usually received our babies at 3 weeks old. You can take her out and move her to a Tupperware container with either heating pad underneath and for nights if it is not too cold where you live, you can put a lamp above the box, it has to be a red light bulb. We raised about 500 babies like this.

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My baby grey is now 6 weekd old & is still incubated at 32 Degrees. He is much more alert now nad stays awake longer between feeds. Curiosity is high and he likes to see the woeld around him but I do not want to take him out of the incubator too early.



I hope you're not referring to a real incubator that has heat controls on it. Your bird is much too old for incubators. Incubators are foe eggs and chicks who are no more than 1 to 2 wks old.

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Hi Dave no I mean that I keep Charlie warm. He was a little pink thing with hardly any feathers but I am happy to say is looking more & more like the beautiful bird he is going to be.

I have put him in a smaller cage in his box that he knows and he is loving it. My older grey Rascal talks to him and he seems to enjoy the company. I am so plesed to report that Charlie is thriving.

I know I have a long way to go yet and will be totally relying on the expertise of the grey forum to help me through the difficult times ahead. Charlie is responding to all the love and attention he is getting and even talks to us by making little puppy sounds. He loves being cleaned after his feed and is very inquisitive. Thanks again for all the support and encouragement.

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Hi Dave, No not an icubator persay but I have been keeping the temperature between 30 & 35 degrees. I have now put Charlie in his own little cage and he is loving it. He is near my 18 year old grey rascal and they have been chatting. Charlie is getting his feathers nicely and his little tail is growing daily. I cannot believe how big he is getting so fast. I take pictures daily to keep up with him. He has toys in his cage a giraffe and a bear which he snuggles up to to sleep. He also loves to scratch in his saw dust which he spreads all over the place. He is also not so jumpy now he is in his cage and watches the comings and goings of the house hold. He also puts in his two cents every now abd then when rascal talks to him. Charlie is of coarse very very tame and loves to be stroked & scratched. He has a specal place just below his eye into his neck that he particularly loves. He even closes his eyes when I scratch him there. He also enjioys his spong bath after his feeds - he makes little coeing sounds. I am so extatic at Charlies progress as I know what a big responsibility it was and how slim my chances were at getting it all right. I still however take ever precaution with his feeds and keeping everything sterile and his living quarters very clean. All in all he seems to be a happy little thing.

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Hi Dave, I did not mean incubate in the true sense. I meant keeping Charlie warm while he was so young and almost bald. Charlie is doing very well in his little cage. He really enjoys talking to rascal my 18 year old grey and sounds as though he is truely trying to make conversation in his little bird way. I will try and get some pictures and a video if possible for you to see and hear soon. My son will help me download them for you. I have pictutes and video of Charlie from the day we got him and I am sure you will also be very proud of him.

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