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Play top cages?


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The only difference I can tell in Timber's behavior is if he is in the cage or out of it. Height doesn't seem to affect his behavior. In other words, he will step up for me from high up on his boing (over my head) as easily as he will when he is lower. However, if he is in the cage he doesn't much like me reaching for him inside, though you will usually comply. Others may have different experiences. As with many things, I think that may be an individual bird temperament issue.

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My birds, were playtop aggresive! Meaning, they were fine unless I tried to get them to stepup if shorter! Everything was fine, until I thought I was crazy, tried to pickup my bird being shorter, and got BIT!!! I got comments about " about time you got bit"... wasnt happy. I went back to being taller. This was when they were younger. They stepup all the time. It doesn't matter now, if I am tall or short. They stepup no matter what. Nancy

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