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Lots of new Toys once again have arrived!!!


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Please do support the small home based businesses. We are a small home based business making and selling birds toys and accessories in a bird free environment. Our toys are made with love and your birds safety as our number one goal. We shipping world wide, just contact for shipping prior to placing your order. All other orders will have shipping request sent after your order is complete.

From x small toys to x large toys, we have something for everyone.

We are also offering toy making supplies and still adding more daily.



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Thanks Carolz. Our order was beautifully packed, and HRH Inara is thrilled. Pictures speak louder than words so I'll let these show you how happy she is with her new things:



giving the new boing a few test beaks



testing out the new boing



it's a big hit!



stepping onto the new platform -- she loves this!



clanging the bell on the wooden shoe toy



done playing and feeling relaxed and happy


Last night Inara had so much fun with the colors/counting rings and I can't wait to bring it out for her to play with today for great brain stimulation.


KimKim -- the wooden beads are placed in the platform on wooden dowels. They appear to be placed in very well, they spin nicely. Inara especially enjoyed feeling them with her feet.


Very delighted with our order!

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Aww thanks you all. Sorry been missing in action,lol. My computer was running slow and after the new build i could not log back in on here for days.

So glad Inara, got her toys and is enjoying them.

Yes the beads are stuck in there but good with doll rods. But with time they will get them out if they chew on the platform,

Also the beads do spin around for more enjoyment.

So glad to hear we are doing well, by both human and bird customers.

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