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Joey making some noise


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Joey is adorable! He HAS demonstrated two times.... a warning. First, full fluff of feathers, one foot lifted off. Next, one foot lifted off and tucked in.Its important to understand what your bird means in body language. When Sophie was younger....put her wing and foot out, I knew she fealt threatened. I would come down the stairs, tell her..." foot down". She knew it was me. It is important to learn their body language. It is also important to " correct", their language. Nancy

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He is a cutie! I didn't see any warning, he seemed quite happy and looked ready to play. Bongo is a fluffer when he gets content, also tucks a foot so i guess each one has their own meanings for their actions. I am lucky with Gabby though, she will do that knock sound three times and if my body parts are not moved away by the 3rd knock, i am getting bit. Bongo's warning is a head movement like he is shaking his head no but only once to the side then he about lays flat for attack.( In three years, he has not bit me once. ) Cotay, she just gives me the stink eye and i know it means to step away. ( She bites me every day when i get her out of her cage. )

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