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Joey took a bath


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Today Joey decided he needed a bath so was using his water dish to splash in. Upon seeing this I filled a dish and placed it on my kitchen floor for him to really make a splash. He loved it and I used my hands to splash some too. Joey was making noises and seemed to really enjoy it with his wings spread out. I think he is always full of surprises with what he will do or the noises he makes. I am so happy that he is warming up to all of us and seems to be happy. I am still working on the new foods and I have to be happy he tastes it before it gets tossed.

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How fun! So great that Joey is bathing himself and having fun with you at the same time. I keep an extra water dish in Inara's home because she likes to bathe in it. She stuffs herself into it despite my having offered larger dishes for her to use. I will have to take a note from you and Joey and try putting a large dish on the floor for her while she's out roaming around. :)

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