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Joey is changing in so many ways :)


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Today I was in my room grabbing the dirty clothes and was missed. :D Joey was walking down the hall calling out "Hello" my hubby was following behind him laughing. I am so happy Joey is starting to warm up and he looks better too. Joey has about 5 tail feather that are from an inch to 3 inches long. Yuppie he is getting his tail back! :D

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Yes Joey is like a kid, he has a nap then boom full of energy again to play. Hubby bought him a new toy and he almost has it completely torn apart. He sure likes to make all kinds of new sounds too and different voices too. I figured out Joey wants his door open even if he doesn't want to come out and that's when he scratches in the corner to tells us. His chest has many new feathers too but his wings still look like a mess. Joey spreads his wings out now when I spray him and stays in one spot. I think soon I will try to shower him in a sink to see if he'll enjoy it too.

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