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Update on new grey

Parrot Lady

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she is doing really good for her 2nd day here , she is eating Intune pellets only because I forgot to get her regular pellets from the girl I got her from dummy me :( her reg pellets are Zupreme naturals I have some ordered but I think the pet store by me sells them I will call them tomorrow and find out then pick some up on Friday , now I think I will mix a little of the Intune pellets with the Zupreme give her a little variety


she has been vocal all day and she steps right up and wants to be with you I can even give her scritches also she is trying real hard to fly her wings are not clipped and they are very long she should be able to fly very soon , she can go about 6 to 7 feet but she doesn't fly up wards it's more of a glide


she is still a little nervous but she is doing great for only 2 days with us

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